Navigating Mental Health and Well-being for Entrepreneurship and Innovation PhD Students

Embarking on a PhD journey in entrepreneurship and innovation is not just academically demanding, but it also presents unique challenges for mental health and overall well-being.

In response, SSES is curating a highly interactive seminar, placing emphasis on the lived experiences and challenges faced by participants. Rather than traditional lectures, this event is designed to foster open discussions, shared experiences, and collaborative problem-solving.

Seminar Highlights

  • The Entrepreneurship PhD Journey: Dive into a discussion about the real-world challenges and expectations of a PhD student in entrepreneurship, with a focus on mental health implications.
  • Choosing the Right Dissertation Topic: Share your concerns and hear from peers about aligning passion with academic goals, and laying the groundwork for a rewarding academic career.
  • Effective PhD Student-Supervisor Dynamics: Open a dialogue about maintaining a productive and balanced relationship with your supervisor.
  • Balancing Academia with Self Care: Engage in a collective exploration of strategies that ensure both academic success and personal well-being.
  • Survey Insights: Reflect and discuss findings from a pre-seminar survey among entrepreneurship PhD students. Let’s understand our shared experiences.
  • Interest Exploration: Discuss the potential for a series of seminars on this theme. Your opinions and feedback will shape our future offerings.

Guest Speaker

Johan Wiklund is the Al Berg Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, USA and overseas visiting professor. His research interests include neurodiversity and mental well-being in entrepreneurship as well as the entry, performance, and exit of entrepreneurial firms. He is considered a leading authority in entrepreneurship research with over 100 articles appearing in leading entrepreneurship and management journals and over 40,000 citations to his research. He is Editor-in-Chief for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, a premier entrepreneurship journal. A prolific advisor of Ph.D. students, he received the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Mentor Award in 2011.

We also anticipate welcoming specialists from the HR sector and the medical university, who will be integral in guiding and enriching the discussions.

Nov 20–Nov 20 2023


Date and time: November 20th, 10:30-14:00

Registration Deadline: 14th of November.


This seminar is specially curated for PhD students in entrepreneurship and innovation, from all universities and disciplines.

The number of seats is limited. Only 14 seats available! First come, first served.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Johan Wiklund
Al Berg Endowed Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship