[ˈneɪsənt]; adj

Just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.

”At The Nordic Academy of Entrepreneurship (NACENT) we introduce the most valuable knowledge from entrepreneurship and innovation to PhD students in various other disciplines.

Just like its apt homonym, NACENT represents the start of something promising. When individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives collaborate, they bring unique insights and experiences to the table. This fosters the generation of fresh ideas, deepens mutual understanding, and often leads to breakthroughs that would have otherwise remained elusive.

This burgeoning network will begin trudging a path to allow scholars in any and all disciplines to do just that. Through the prioritisation of interdisciplinarity, networking, and research, NACENT is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation literacy for students who may not have access to it elsewhere.”

– Marianne Castrén, Project Manager
– Gunhild Marie Roald, Project Coordinator

A Growing Community

In the realm of NACENT, ‘scholar’ is a term that defies disciplinary boundaries, encompassing everyone from PhD students to experienced researchers at various career stages. The network, while primarily rooted in the Nordics, further extends its embrace and invites participation from scholars across the globe, to ensure a diverse and inclusive academic community.


NACENT orchestrates an array of doctoral courses that interlace innovation and entrepreneurial practices across diverse disciplines. Currently these are the established PhD courses from SSES, accessible here, along with a pioneering pilot course designed to guide participants on a journey tailored to their interests. This course serves as a springboard for deeper exploration into specialised areas, whether in venture creation or in crafting value with societal impact.